GULPZTM Personal Hydration Products

With a 70 fl. oz. (2 liter) fluid capacity, our GULPZTM Personal Hydration System helps you to take in essential fluids while working, or playing in the heat.

Whether hiking, biking, climbing or running, stay hydrated with our hands-free GULPZTM.

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6801 GULPZ™ Personal Hydration Systems

  • Hands-free convenience; stay hydrated and refreshed at work and at play
  • Soak the GulpzTM like any of our evaporative cooling garments and keep your water cool through the evaporative cooling process using our special HyperKewlTM fabric
  • 70 fl. oz. (2 liter) fluid capacity; nylon outer
  • Black, Hi Viz Lime, Army ACU Digital, and Marine Desert Digital
  • Include water bladder & drinking hose w/valve