Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is HyperKewlTM fabric (Polymer Embedded Fabric) safe?
A: Yes. It contains non-toxic polymer crystals.

Q: How does it work?
A: Our HyperKewlTM is sewn into the lining of all our garments. The special fabric absorbs water very quickly and releases it very slowly for extended cooling from evaporation.

Q: How long do I hydrate the garments?
A: 1-2 minutes.

Q: Can the products be reused?
A: Yes. Just make sure you hang them to dry when not in use.

Q: How much will the items weigh?
A: You control the weight of your garment by how long you hydrate it.

Q: Can I silk screen and/or embroider the products?

A: Yes. 

Q: How can I wash the garments?

A: In order to maintain the longest life of the product and HyperKewlTM fabric it is best to wash the garments with a gentle soap and brush.



Q: What temperature is the Phase Change Material (PCM)?
A: A comfortable 58 degrees F (14 degrees C).

Q: How do you activate PCM?
A: Solidify the inserts by placing them in a fridge, freezer, or ice water.

Q: How long does it take to activate them?
A: Approximately 30 minutes.

Q: How much does PCM weigh?
A: PCM is 25% lighter than water.

Q: Is PCM safe?
A: Yes, it is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and non-flammable.

Q: Is PCM reusable?
A: Yes, the inserts can be re-activated over and over again.

Q: How long will the PCM stay activated?
A: Vest inserts will remain at 58 degrees F (14 degrees C) for up to 3 hours.

Q: How can I wash the inserts and clothing?
A: The inserts can be wiped off with a cloth.  They are made of polyurethane and are very durable.  Do not use sharp objects as the inserts could be punctured.  The clothing can be washed as per normal washing instructions for cotton or poly/cotton.  Remove the inserts before washing.




Q: How do HEAT PAXTM Warmers work?
A: The Warmers are filled with iron powder which oxidizes when exposed to oxygen. This is a powerful exothermic reaction resulting in heat.

Q: How long do the HEAT PAXTM Warmers last?
A: Body Warmers 20 plus hours, Mini/Hand Warmers 8 hours, Adhesive Toe Warmers 5 hours.

Q: Can the Warmers be reused?
A: You can stop the HEAT PAXTM at any time and reuse them at a later date by sealing them off from the oxygen in the air (i.e. plastic container or airtight bag). They are discarded when completely consumed.

Q: How do I get the HEAT PAXTM Warmers to heat up?
A: Simply tear open the package. Wait 10 minutes for them to heat up fully.

Q: Are HEAT PAXTM Warmers safe?
A: Yes, they are non-toxic.

Q: How do I use them to stay warm?
A: After opening them, place the Warmers in your garment or pocket for maximum comfort.